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ALT Codes are special characters such as . You may have seen some of them in my Quotes. Here is how to make your own! Because your keyboard dosn't have all the keys it needs, you have to use the ALT key and number pad to make these symbols. The trick is to make sure you use your number pad, as this will not work with the numbers above the letters. Also make sure you have "num lock" turned on!
EXAMPLE: to make this symbol:   
CODE: ALT-0191
Hold ALT KEY down and press 0191 on the Number Pad



ALT-0161 ALT-0162 ALT-0163
ALT-0164 ALT-0165 ALT-0166
ALT-0167 ALT-0168 ALT-0169
ALT-0170 ALT-0171 ALT-0172
ALT-0173 ­ ALT-0174 ALT-0175
ALT-0176 ALT-0177 ALT-0178
ALT-0179 ALT-0180 ALT-0181
ALT-0182 ALT-0183 ALT-0184
ALT-0185 ALT-0186 ALT-0187
ALT-0188 ALT-0189 ALT-0190
ALT-0191 ALT-0192 ALT-0193
ALT-0194 ALT-0195 ALT-0196
ALT-0197 ALT-0198 ALT-0199
ALT-0200 ALT-0201 ALT-0202
ALT-0203 ALT-0204 ALT-0205
ALT-0206 ALT-0207 ALT-0208
ALT-0209 ALT-0210 ALT-0211
ALT-0212 ALT-0213 ALT-0214
ALT-0215 ALT-0216 ALT-0217
ALT-0218 ALT-0219 ALT-0220
ALT-0221 ALT-0222 ALT-0223
ALT-0224 ALT-0225 ALT-0226
ALT-0227 ALT-0228 ALT-0229
ALT-0230 ALT-0231 e ALT-0232
ALT-0233 ALT-0234 ALT-0235
ALT-0236 ALT-0237 ALT-0238
ALT-0239 ALT-0240 ALT-0241
ALT-0242 ALT-0243 ALT-0244
ALT-0245 ALT-0246 ALT-0247
ALT-0248 ALT-0249 ALT-0250
ALT-0251 ALT-0252 ALT-0253
ALT-0254 ALT-0255